Beta Inkless Curve Pen
Beta Inkless Curve Pen
Beta Inkless Curve Pen
Beta Inkless Curve Pen
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Beta Inkless Curve Pen

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Writing with metal 
Before the pencil was invented, medieval scholars used a silver tip 
to draw fine lines. This archaic utensil served as the prototype for 
the “beta inkless pens” developed by Axel Weinbrecht GmbH.

The tip is made of a specially developed AXL-metal-alloy which will
• write for a lifetime
• on all types of paper
• at any temperature 
• in all climatic conditions
• There's no ink, so it won't dry up or leak.

• Lays down a silver line that can vary in darkness by applying more or less pressure or shade with the side of the tip.

The materials used are derived modern material research and are absolute environmentally and health-friendly no toxic materials!

Lifetime usage also means: The inkless pens are a sample for sustainability.

Choose between Walnut or Zebra Wood. Comes packed in a Gift Tin.

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