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Meet our team:


Jac Zagoory, Owner/Founder:

As an artist Jac Zagoory has created a new dimension of form and grace. He revels in the rare and unique – from vintage wrist watches to antique collector’s pens. His vast knowledge of these topics spirals from his education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in jewelry design and fabrication. Zagoory found early inspiration as a metal sculptor applying essential elements of design to his creations. The love Zagoory possesses for the pen finds roots from his extensive background in design and his ability to extend the importance of art into everyday life. Realizing the growing need for desk accessories that not only created order but also highlighted the individual, the artist formed Jac Zagoory Designs. His extensive array of penholders, cardholders, pens and lifestyle products exists as art in and of themselves. With his vision, the office, the home, the desk have become places where great beauty melds with function, where art compliments art.

Craig Wilwol - Designer
Craig brings a Graphics and Photography background to the company. He likes to use everyday life as a creative outlet by Photographing the world around him and taking that inspiration to create memorable pieces of art. He likes to keep work fresh by accepting new trends and mending them with retro styles that never go out of style.

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